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Our Blends

B2 Garden Blend Analysis

A&L Canada Laboratories Inc.

PH- 6.6

N(nitrogen)- Adequate and safe due to high organic content

P(phosphorus)- 69 ppm

K(potassium)- 473 ppm

Target Nutrient Range For Most Vegetables:

PH- 6.2-6.8

P- 60-80 ppm

K- 120-510 ppm

Our topsoil blends all start with locally harvested peat. Sandy loam is added to improve tilth and water absorption.

Manure composted at our site adds nutrients and microbial life to the inert peat. These ingredients combine to make a blend tailored to your project.

  • Shredded Peat- an inexpensive soil amendment, peat adds organic matter, aerates the soil, and acts as a sponge, retaining water during periods of drought.   $45/ cu. yd.
  • Lawn Blend- blended peat and sandy loam for topdressing lawns and large landscaping projects.  $45/cu. yd.
  • Garden Blend- peat, compost, and sandy loam for pots, raised beds, gardens, and greenhouses. Soil analysis on this blend shows nutrients and PH to be excellent for most vegetables and flowers.  $60/cu. yd.
  • Peat & Compost-  (same as above, but without sand) recommended when product will be tilled into sand or clay. $60/cu. yd.
  • Compost-  this is the pay dirt. The gold. Many hours are invested in piling, turning, watering, and monitoring the manure to maintain a high temperature long enough to kill weed seeds. When fully composted, the manure is dark and crumbly, with no unpleasant odor. Screened $70/cu. yd.  Unscreened $60/cu. yd.